This depends on a combination of how quickly you obtain your seafarers documentation, and the number of vacancies that would be suitable for you. Our Onboard Teams will notify you once they have found a suitable assignment that matches your retail experience.

You’ll both be treated as individuals throughout the application process. If you’re both successful we try our best to schedule you to the same ship. However, this will not be possible for your first contract.

Unfortunately, without a C1/D visa you are unable to embark on a ship with us.

This is a standard requirement under maritime employment law. If you fail your medical, unfortunately we’ll be unable to continue with your application.

For the your first two contracts we’ll assign you to a ship based on business needs, . However after this we’ll ask you to pick three ships of your choice of your choice your next contract.

You’ll be sharing a cabin with one other Onboard Team members (of the same sex).

We supply a uniform to you free of charge, and  we also pay for your food and accommodation whilst you are on board.

During port times the shops will be closed. On average you’ll be able to disembark at two out of every three port stops, as at other times there will be replenishment, floor moves, and cycle counts to complete.

A contract can be from five to eight months depending on the itinerary and your situation. Normally contracts are for six months.

Yes, absolutely – if you successfully complete your contract, you can do as many contracts as you like, provide that you have a four-week break between each contract.

We invest in career development and promoting from within whenever possible, whether into Onboard Management roles, or into one of our Central or Regional Hubs. If you show the right potential, we offer training programmes on board to help you further develop your career.

You’ll be required to work every day. On a sea day you’ll work a maximum of 14 hours. On a port day when the shops are closed it’s likely you’ll work fewer hours.

If you hold a UK bank account, you will be paid directly into your account. If you don’t then it will be dependent on the ship’s facilities. Common forms of payment are to OceanPay cards, and in some circumstances cash.